Thermal Imaging Devices

DMQ recognises the advantages that hand-held thermal imaging devices can bring, both in terms of increasing the capability to detect deer as well as acting as an aid to safety by enhancing situational awareness in some situations.

However for the purposes of the DSC2 witnessed stalks it is currently our view that in order to best assess the field craft and stalking skills of individual candidates the following should apply;

  • For the purposes of DSC qualification, rifle mounted devices are not permitted and may not be used to complete any part of DSC 2 evidence gathering.
  • Independent hand held devices may be used to recover shot (presumed dead) or wounded deer, but may not be used to locate live deer as required under PC 1.5.

Where hand held devices are used to locate shot deer witnesses should satisfy themselves that the candidate has the knowledge to be able to locate deer if such a device was defective or not available.

It is not considered that these requirements will affect the majority of candidate’s evidence gathering. However, we do ask everybody to be diligent in observing the DMQ requirements.